A Single IPad Classroom- What Can I Do?

Here are my thoughts from this session on using one iPad in a classroom.

Ground Rules for use:
very clear on how to be (behaviors) and where to go on the iPad (apps to use
No warnings, lose iPad privileges for a short time (suspension)

Prep for use
Do it yourself first.
Create a guide sheet.
You can also let a student pilot an app and become the “resident expert”

Uses for One iPad
Work sharing
Teaching tool
Single student use for remediation or skill improvement
Center/ Daily Five

Elementary Classroom and Teacher Apps
Sock Puppets
Zapd app 5a7y.zapd.co look here for info from this session
Airsketch- interactive white board tool…bluetooth communications to your computer
Groovy grader- easy grader app
Appzilla. -90apps in one
Big Words- used as a sign, directions
APOD astronomy photo of the day
Storyrobe take a picture, add an audio track to create a movie easily
Simplex phonics app-spelling
Hyperblaster. Math fact practice app…kids like it cause its like a video game
Popplet- graphic organizer
Creative Book Builder CBB- iBooks

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