Screencasting 101 Notes and Ideas from Screencast Camp

Screencasting looks like it can be a good tool for providing simple to complex tech support for teachers. Students can also use it to create mini videos commenting on a picture in a foreign language or explaining a concept in a subject. Here are my notes from this morning’s session at Screencast Camp 2012 at TechSmith in Okemos

Screencasting 101
By Anton Bollen


Tech support
Teams- feedback, sharing across time zones and places

Who is the audience? What is the expected quality level expectations for the product? As quality increases- time required increases..

Two types of Screencasts
Basic- audio and video is recorded at same time, no post production, less professional looking, less flexibility for output formatting.Quick easy way to show a skill, providing tech support
Prof- video and audio recorded separately, editing necessary, scripted, huge time commitment, can add annotations/drawings
Tools for Screencasts

Basic Tools-
SnagIt, Jing (free download) use Jing to record foreign language report using a picture

More Advanced-
Camtasia (can create a table of contents)

Remove icons from desktop prior to recording screencasting, right click…
Short lengths work best 2-3 times,
Break them up into short sections, to make it easy for user to find what they need.
Two column chart for organization… One column indicates on screen action, paired with script
Prep ahead of time
Use a plain background, grey will make the application stand out
Bigger cursor makes it easier to follow
Possible create a screencasting account on your computer
Pay attention to size of viewers video, optimize what you need to show, advanced programs will allow you to zoom in.
Recommended dimensions 1280 x 720 (16×9 ratio) in SnagIt it will show the size. Good for YouTube videos.
Sizer …PC only
Audio matters, use a good quality microphone. Snowball microphone is pretty good quality around 100$
Watch your surroundings, background noises should be limited, for separate audio use Audacity

Applications and ideas for schools
Install Jing as part of image for teacher and student computers.
Use screencast for directions and tech support.
Need to create dummy classes to use for tech support

A Single IPad Classroom- What Can I Do?

Here are my thoughts from this session on using one iPad in a classroom.

Ground Rules for use:
very clear on how to be (behaviors) and where to go on the iPad (apps to use
No warnings, lose iPad privileges for a short time (suspension)

Prep for use
Do it yourself first.
Create a guide sheet.
You can also let a student pilot an app and become the “resident expert”

Uses for One iPad
Work sharing
Teaching tool
Single student use for remediation or skill improvement
Center/ Daily Five

Elementary Classroom and Teacher Apps
Sock Puppets
Zapd app look here for info from this session
Airsketch- interactive white board tool…bluetooth communications to your computer
Groovy grader- easy grader app
Appzilla. -90apps in one
Big Words- used as a sign, directions
APOD astronomy photo of the day
Storyrobe take a picture, add an audio track to create a movie easily
Simplex phonics app-spelling
Hyperblaster. Math fact practice app…kids like it cause its like a video game
Popplet- graphic organizer
Creative Book Builder CBB- iBooks