Sifteo and Scouting

I purchased a set of Sifteo Cubes earlier this year and had been using them in the classroom.  Students used them to practice simple math and spelling skills.  I wondered how I could use this tool with the scouts in my troop.

One of the important parts of an early scout’s learning is memorizing the Oath and the Law.  Usually it is learned by just plain memorizing it, which for some scouts is not the easiest way to learn something.  I used the Matching Creativity Kit to create a game for learning the Oath and another for learning the Law.   I tested it with the scouts and found that they enjoyed using the Sifteo Cubes. Just recently, I sent email to Sifteo to see if they wanted a post for their blog.  They were interested so I sent off an email with the post.   Check out the post and pictures (I took the pictures too…) here:

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