Fabulous Foldify

Foldify by Pixie Foldify App is a great tool for creation on the iPad. A student can use the app to create and decorate a 3 dimensional papercraft. When they are done they can then print it out, cut it out, fold and assemble.

The interface is a split screen. On the left is a rotatable image of the final product. It is updated as the user makes changes. The right side of the screen is the flattened template of the papercraft. There the user can paint and draw with unlimited colors. In addition there are a wide variety of stickers to use to decorate their design.

Screenshots on an iTouch

Its pretty easy to make screen casts of software programs using a PC or a Mac. However its been difficult to take screen shots of an iTouch app. An easy way to do that is to press and hold the top button (Power) and the home button at the same time. If you hold it you should hear what sounds like a camera taking a picture (nice touch Apple) and the screen will flash. Your picture has been taken and saved to the photos app on the ITouch in the Saved photos folder.

To access your photos from a computer (PC). Connect your iTouch to the computer then click on my computer on your computer. You should see a icon for your iTouch. Open it and click on the storage icon to navigate to your pictures. My path looks like this: iTouch/internal storage/DCIM/100APPLE which opens my pictures. Your path may be slightly different as I have only tried this on my own iTouch.